Are you asking yourself, “Do solar panels work well in winter?” When it comes to heating your home, you may be surprised at how efficient they are. Not only do they keep the cold out, but also they can save you money on your utilities as well. Solar energy is clean and renewable so if you install a few panels on your roof, your energy bill should go down quite a bit.

During the winter months, especially in Cairns and surrounding areas, the sun shines even more than in the summertime. This is because Northern Australia has a wet and dry season. And temperature rarely changes throughout the year. Cairns is a great place to get solar systems installed as it has consistent daylight all year round.

In wintertime, the days are shorter and this can slightly inhibit the amount of energy absorbed during the daytime.  This is the only difference between winter and summer in Northern Australia. In the summertime, cloudy skies are quite common and can also lessen the amount of solar energy created by the system. So in a nutshell, summertime and wintertime in Cairns both have their downtimes, but the good thing is, having these systems installed especially in our tropical climate is much better at producing energy from the sun than southern states and areas of Australia.

Of course, you want to do everything you can to lower your energy bill during the winter. Solar panels work well because they are a natural energy source. They are clean and won’t pollute the air like other sources. They are great. Now all you have to know is how do solar panels work well in winter to save you money.

Most people try to forget about the heating system in their home during the summer months. They think that all they have to do is crank up the heat, turn on the A/C and that they will have all the power they need. However, during the wintertime, the sun isn’t shining as long and solar panels aren’t producing as much energy.

Giving your local solar systems installer in Carins a call to discuss what is the right energy solution for you and the expert advice on impacts made from the system on your home or business is the right choice. They have the experience and the knowledge after all.

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