Installing Solar Panels – 4 Benefits to Install Solar Panels Today

Solar energy has many benefits over traditional methods of producing electricity. Solar energy can be used to heat homes, provide hot water, heat greenhouses, drive electric cars and even generate electricity. Solar power is most often thought of as an alternative energy resource because it is free and plentiful. While solar energy has many advantages over other types of energy production, there are a few disadvantages that need to be considered as well.

Solar power is energy from the sunlight that’s converted into electrical or thermal energy. Unlike fossil fuels and nuclear plants, solar energy doesn’t pollute the environment in any way. Solar power is also the cleanest and by far the most plentiful renewable energy resource available, and Australia possesses some of the richest solar sources in the world. However, solar energy is limited by the amount of sunlight available. In order to utilize the full potential of solar energy, you must have an active solar energy program in place. Otherwise, your electricity bill will be significantly higher.

When using solar panels, one limitation you will experience is insufficient sun exposure. Solar panels must absorb photons from the sun in order to produce electricity. So, the more sun exposure your solar system gets, the less it will be able to produce electricity. For homes with multiple skylights, it may be best to install multiple solar panels to get the desired results.

Solar panels have another limitation when it comes to the amount of power they can produce. They only have a maximum output capability of producing around 30% of your overall house’s power requirements. This means that if you want to completely go off the grid, you’re going to need to install several solar panels and connect them to each other and to your power grid. This is the most expensive way to go solar. The other option is to simply store the excess power in a deep cycle battery. This is also a lot more expensive and obviously doesn’t provide as much flexibility as a fully integrated solar system. Our solar systems at Fullhouse Energy are complete solutions for your home or business in Cairns and will provide the energy your house or business needs in Cairns.

Now, let’s talk about the second most important benefit of installing solar panels. The biggest benefit is the environmental impact caused by the electricity you generate. Solar energy produces no CO2 emissions or other pollutants. Your electricity is produced using clean energy. Also, because solar energy produces no pollutants, your carbon footprint will be greatly reduced by switching to solar power.

The third benefit is cost savings. Installing solar panels is not a very expensive endeavour. If you calculate the cost of buying all the components for your solar system and keeping up with the maintenance and cleaning on a yearly basis, you will quickly see that the cost of installing solar panels is far lower than what it would cost to replace your existing electrical needs with conventional electricity. So you really do have an excellent return on investment situation here.

The fourth benefit to installing solar panels is the financial freedom it affords you. Once you have installed solar panels, you are basically living off the grid. You don’t have to buy any additional electricity. You stay connected to the grid, but you generate enough electricity on your own to meet your own needs.

There you have four benefits to install solar panels. The first benefit is your direct costs related to the installation of the solar energy system. The second benefit is the environmental impact that your generated energy causes. The third benefit is your direct costs related to the consumption of your generated electricity. The fourth benefit is the economic opportunity afforded to you by your own solar energy system. Just think of how much money you could save if you powered on your home entirely by solar panels.

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